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Bananal Beach is about one hour by boat from the center of Angra dos Reis (latidude - South 23 ° 06 min. 26.2 sec / longitude 44 ° 15 min 04 sec).

Leaving São Paulo:

(By car) 

• By Caraguatatuba:  Take Via Dutra to São José dos Campos. There, take the Tamoios Highway to Caraguatatuba. Follow the access signs to Ubatuba, taking the BR-101 towards Rio de Janeiro. You will pass through Ubatuba, Paraty and finally Angra dos Reis.


• By Barra Mansa:  Follow Via Dutra to Km 272 and take access to the city of Barra Mansa. Follow the Getulândia road, you will pass by the cities of Rio Claro and Lídice. It will finally land on BR-101 in Angra dos Reis. Avoid this route at night, as the road is very precarious and offers little safety for drivers.



(By bus)

• The company  Reunited Paulista  has 4 daily departures

(11) 0300 210 3000

Leaving Rio de Janeiro:

(By car) 

  Go to the end of Av. Brasil. At the end of the route, at the height of the Santa Cruz district, you reach the beginning of Rio-Santos (BR-101), right after a Military Police post. Follow Rio Santos to Angra dos Reis.



(By bus)

• The company  green Coast  have several daily outings

(21)  2573 1484

Leaving Belo Horizonte:

(By car) 

  Take BR-040 , pass Três Rios (RJ), take BR-393 to Barra Mansa (RJ). It will arrive in Getulândia, cross Rio Claro and Lídice. A few minutes later you will find the entrance to BR-101 (Rio-Santos).

From Curitiba:


(By car)

    Taking the Régis Bitencourt Highway to São Paulo, you can continue in the following ways:


1)  Heading towards Santos and Guarujá and then skirting the coast through the former BR 101 SP 055 highway, passing through the cities of Bertioga, São Sebastião, Caraguatatuba and Ubatuba. Right after the beaches of Itamambuca and Trindade, you will arrive at Trevo de Paraty, to Angra dos Reis there are only 100 km away, approximately an hour by car.


two)  Continuing along the Highway, towards São José dos Campos, you can go to Taubaté, go down the mountain on the Oswaldo Cruz Highway to Ubatuba and follow as mentioned in option 1. The road is paved, but very narrow, be careful when bending at low speed when crossing with bus.


3)  Continuing along the highway towards São José dos Campos, passing through Taubaté and descending only when you arrive in Guaratinguetá, this option is best suited for those who like light off-road routes because there are stretches of clay. It will continue to Cunha and then to Paraty. It is approximately 100Km between Guaratinguetá and Paraty, then you can take the BR 101 to Angra dos Reis which is approximately 100Km from Paraty, an hour traveling by car.


4)  This is recommended for our motorcyclist friends, just go straight through Régis Bitencourt until you reach Barra Mansa and Volta Redonda. Passing through São Paulo, Taubaté Guaratinguetá, Resende and Penedo. When leaving Via Dutra in Barra Mansa, take the Getulândia** road to BR 101 and you will be 12 km from Angra dos Reis.


** Take great care in this stretch, the road is not wide and not properly signposted.

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